I am Christopher "Toffy" Ilagan

I am an Entrepreneur and a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt.

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Thank you for the awesome #ibjjf #bjj rules training course by prof @andrenegaobjj
Thank you Greg! #bjj #jiujitsu theme #chessboard 🙌🏻
pa #deep #sunday #quotes
Old #fhm 2001 article of #deftac established 1996! Still amazed at how far this team has come. Stronger than ever #tbt joined deftac 2004 parc house under @fritzrodriguezmma . Sino nakakaalala kailan kayo sumali?
Good morning 1st day of 2018! 🤭
#2017 adventures! To a more eventful 2018 ahead! cliche as it may sound. I hope we all make it! :) 🔥💥🎆🎇🌅🎊🎉
Posting and calling out to the universe! Lucky wallet for 2018! Lucky wallet I got from @bernisaurus 😗😗😗
Upgraded my global wifi hotspot #skyroam 3g to the new 4g lte + powerbank model #solis thank you #bigskynation for the top notch service 👌🏻
Favorite santa! Pinoy santa!